Coming this week…

In the next week I’m hoping to add two new stories featuring some amazing people in the fight industry! First will be a feature on MMA and wrestling coach Peter Benedix of International Falls, MN.

Pictured below, Pete, second from left.


Pete is on a mission to compete in the 2013 World Police Fire Games in Belfast, Northern Ireland. An experienced wrestler, he also coaches young wrestlers, trains with some of the best in MMA, and trains his own MMA fighters as well.

The next story will feature Brooklyn Muay Thai fighter Laurie Cahill, who is coming off a big win with Friday Night Fights Muay Thai just a week ago. Besides being an impressive role model for young women in the fight world — Laurie is amazing because as a successful fighter still going strong — SHE’S FIFTY-TWO!

Photo by Lance Burns,


So I think I’ll quit bitching about my aches and pains as a 42-year-old dodgeball league captain!

(I’m 4th from the left, we Cougars love our Cubbies!)


So stay tuned…this is the week I feature incredible people who show you that you can achieve your dreams, where ever you are in life!

by Sandy Hackenmueller

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