MMA Debuts in NYC This Friday

MMA Debuts in NYC This Friday – Are You Ready?

by Sandy Hackenmueller

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Have you been hearing the rumblings about MMA in NYC? How would you like to witness the real rumble – by watching the first legally sanctioned MMA show in NYC – EVER?

That is what Victory Combat Sports intends to offer you this Friday, May 17th. Held in the epic Terminal 5 in Manhattan, a show-stopping, history-making event will shake the walls like never before.

A solid card is slated and several fighters shared how MMA in the city has impacted them. “It feels great, and I feel proud to be a part of this event,” said amateur fighter Dan Matala.

Fist-slinger Dennis Siudut feels the same way. “I’m happy to see that MMA has finally made a appearance in NYC. Now fighters who train MMA can finally compete safely in a large, well known area, and hopefully in the future more shows will take place in NY,” Siudut said.


Stacey Scapeccia agrees it is good to finally see such a popular sport in NYC. “As much as some don’t like it, it’s still a sport which involves skill and years of discipline and training,” she said. “Those who oppose it, don’t view it as a sport.

“To have MMA sanctioned in the rest of the continental US but not NY or CT is just ridiculous. You’d think we were a bit ahead of the game, instead of stepping backwards. Glad to finally see some weight lifted off this non-issue.”

All three fighters are more than prepared to deliver the kind of debut event that NYC will remember. Said Siudut, “My fans can expect me to put my best effort into this fight! It will be a battlefield out there, and nothing will get in my way.

“I don’t talk smack, and I don’t show off. I’m a regular fighter like everyone else, but I will put effort into the fight, and I will show the fans I am serious!”

Matala warns fans to prepare for fireworks. “I always come to fight and I never want to let a fight go to the judges. I am going to win, going to finish, there is no other option!” he said.

Scapeccia definitely feels prepared. “I’m ready! I’ve worked hard, changed a bit of my game, have the best coaches in CT. Not much to question!” she said. “I’m super excited to get to display some new skills and put things together…from stand up, take downs, to wrestling and BJJ. It’s really going to be a nonstop 3 minutes of blitz for fans and myself.”

Scapeccia’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. “I’m really excited to see what Victory Combat grows into,” she said. “Some of the best guys are behind this promotion.

“They are diligent professionals in their fields. They have experience in all the angles they need to make this promotion successful and gain respect from those questioning the sport.

“I’m honored to be fighting in this card and excited to see its growth,” said Scapeccia.


Siudut has a message for New York City. “Listen up MMA fans in NYC! Without the fans who go to shows and support us, there wouldn’t be any shows, and the fighters would be training for nothing. Now that it’s here, all the MMA fans have to support it, and make this sport grow within the state. The future looks good so far. This Friday will be a huge opener! Every single fan counts, remember that!”

Victory Combat Sports Presents Mixed Martial Arts In New York City!

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm 


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