Friend or foe? How about both?

Friend or foe? How about both?

Posted on June 10, 2013


By Sandy Hackenmueller

When professional fighters Deshawn Robinson and Villi Bello enter the ring on Friday night, you’ll see exactly that! Friends outside of the ropes, they are 100% adversaries inside.

Robinson and Bello first met earlier in their fight careers as opponents. “We fought each other in ’08, I believe,” said Bello. “It was at an amateur level and he got the decision win. Facing him again will be fun, due to the fact that this will be kind of a rematch.”

“Yeah, he’s a friend of mine,” agreed Robinson. “We fought each other before and I won via unanimous decision. Shortly after that we became friends. However, I’m treating this fight like any other fight. It’s no hard feelings afterwards though.”

d7k_1626photo by Lance Burns

Robinson is coming off of a loss to Liam Tarrant from FNF’s January season opener. Robinson is known to be a powerful striker and his last bout has Fight of the Year potential.

“My last fight against Tarrant was a great experience for me,” Robinson said. “I felt it was a close fight, but the better man won that night. I would love a rematch.”

Bello’s last fight was the highly anticipated grudge match against Turan Hasanov, in which he delivered a TKO victory in the fourth round. “In this upcoming bout, I’ll do the same as the last,” said Bello. “I’ll show superior Muay Thai experience, power and speed.”

Bello predicts a TKO on Friday night. “I don’t care what round,” Bello said. “I just don’t want it to go to the judges.

“I’m bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced. I’ve fought better opponents. I won’t say he is an easy fight, because every fight is different. But I have beaten better guys.”

Robinson has different thoughts. This bout is his first ever title shot, and he is more determined than ever to emerge the victor. “I always go for the KO, and nothing is different for this fight,” he said. “I believe my speed and power will start to wear him down.


photo by Lance Burns

“No disrespect to his last opponent, but if Bello thinks he is going to steamroll me, it’s going to be a bad night for him.”

“Foe” would not be the proper term to define two respected athletes as they demonstrate their hard work, honed skills, and respect for the sport of Muay Thai. As training camp wraps up and the event looms on the horizon, Bello has a message for his friend. “My words for him, as well as myself, are: train hard and fight easy,” he said.

Robinson replied, “It’s show time…”

Where: Broad Street Ballroom, NYC

When: June 14th



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