Celebrity vs Regular Joe — who do you got?

As I write, this is currently playing out on Twitter and in the celebrity gossip articles online. Regular joe construction worker Anthony Bracco of New York was doling out a little bit of sh*t to Dean McDermott online (Dean who? Exactly). Better known as “Tori Spelling’s Husband” (now to be referenced as TSH from here on out), Bracco got under his skin just enough for TSH to challenge him “to a fight.” (Let’s go dude, right now!!)

Bracco said, “OK” and TSH said, “Ummm…only MMA.”

Someone, somewhere, jumped all over this, and to make a long story short, the two men agreed to settle the score in Vegas in October, compliments of Damon Feldman. And gratefully, for the benefit of charity.

Jose Canseco (you know, the BASEBALL star?), according to online reports (so it must be true) immediately offered to help train TSH. Everyone knows the combat sports mantra…the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Bring in all the money and big names you can…we all know where your focus will be.

Never underestimate a hard-working, dig in the dirt, American man. Keep an eye on this story, and see what Bracco will bring. Oh — and follow him on Twitter, cuz this is gettin’ good! @abracco and of course me, @SandyHack

Stay tuned!

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