3 thoughts on “A photo speaks a thousand words

  1. Did you get him to pose for this or a bit of Voyeur photography???? Really love that backlight outline of the guy behind – fantastic!!! Is it the ref guy in the other photo?
    It speaks to me of reverence and focusing – like light through a magnifying glass. Concentrating the energy!!

  2. I didn’t get him to pose, he wasn’t even aware of where I was. I finally figured out, that night, that they kept the lights down low during the entrances (which I already knew) but they didn’t lift the lights until his foot touched the mat…so after the second fighter came in, I ran and positioned myself. Some moved too quickly, some didn’t face the cage; Jamie was the first one to pause, and thank God I was ready. It was pure awesomeness, and I felt like it represented what all fighters feel before entering the cage, whether they pause to reflect this way or not.

    This was Jamie the fighter from WI, and behind him in the shadow (which I like to symbolize as the self he sees) is just the cage door guy; the guy who checks to make sure they have their protective gear on, their vaseline (to prevent too much skin tearing) isn’t too thick, etc. He was very sick that night, and left after the first couple of fights.

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