Me with some Inspiration

There is a theme throughout this blog…inspiration. Beauty and inspiration can be found just about anywhere, including the combat sports industry.

You’ve met my friend Nick Palmer, MMA and kickboxing fighter, who is advancing through the sport with just one fist. It was Nick’s idea that I channel my photography and my writing in to a blog to showcase both. I’m glad he did because I’m enjoying it immensely.

Nick fought last Saturday night in a kickboxing event. He won his bout in :26 seconds by TKO. It was flippin awesome.

Here is Nick with me after the event:


Not too long ago Nick attended a camp in Missouri for children with limb differences, called the “NubAbility All Sports Camp.” He’ll be sharing his experience here with us soon.

Proud to call him a friend, because he is definitely a winner outside the ring too!

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