Kick Someone and Make Me Happy

I work for a school district, and at the beginning of the academic year, I am pushed to full-time hours at my part-time job. This is ok, I could use the extra money. I could do without the neck strain and blurry eyes that I end up with at the end of the day. Thankfully, I am still able to shoot MMA on the weekends. After a stressful and tedious week, seeing two people throw fists makes me happy.

My last event was in Keshena, Wisconsin, at the Menominee Casino and Resort. Here some highlights, because basically that is all I have time for right now.

Hot shots from the main event and co-main events…


An awesome photo of my friends, basically, my pal and videographer Tanner getting busted checking out my pal and ring girl Emily…


And a little fun time for everyone. There was a fair in town so we took a little crew and went on over. That’s the Zipper behind us. And NO I did not go on, but the girls did! I cheered them on. From the ground. Cuz that’s how I roll.Image

6 thoughts on “Kick Someone and Make Me Happy

  1. Yeah, its just not the same for me as it would be for you 😉

    PS. I have NO idea why Emily’s legs are two different sizes in the picture with my friend TanMan…I’ll have to ask her! I didn’t Photoshop!

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