What blogging will get ya…

I used to blog on Multiply.com, a very social blogging site where I met some of the neatest people I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, Multiply decided to sell out, and when they sold out, they lost the whole entire website. Thankfully, Facebook kept me in touch with my newfound pals.

A lot of them moved on to another blogging site that really didn’t suit me. I was already blogging here on Word Press from years ago when I worked for ShesConnected.com.Ā  I came back and decided to give it a go.

I stumbled across Far Fetched Friends’ blog one day. I don’t remember the first post I posted on, but I remember the reply. F3 said she appreciated my response because we are all unique and that’s the point of the blog — meeting people we don’t think we’d normally meet … people who are different from us.

This is how I love to live my life. I love meeting people outside of my “box.” I love making friends with people so different from me, that I’m sure we were destined to come together and be friends.

F3 posted a blog one day featuring a praying mantis. I love those darn things. And I’d never seen a real one. My friend in Indiana sees them all the time. He once photographed two mantises mating on the hood of his car, which I fondly tease him as “insect porn.” My friend in Nevada once blogged that she saw one on her coffee table. An incredibly amazing macro photographer, she’s gotten some of the coolest images of one of my favorite insects. I told F3 that I was soooo jealous that yet another person had such easy access to them.

You will never believe what arrived in the mail shortly thereafter!! OMG, I love my new friend!

And, you’ll never believe what my daughter and I decided to do with the new toy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I cannot take credit for the insect carcass art. I once saw some incredible art originated by Magnus Muhr that inspired these images. We had so much fun…thank goodness for friends that are far fetched…and fabulously fun!

13 thoughts on “What blogging will get ya…

  1. One of the fly heads popped off during our … adventure. So yesterday my daughter brought them both for science class! They used the microscopes…I’m so jealous. My fourth grader also borrowed the praying mantis to show her class. I’m so glad I’ve exposed them to insects and spiders and snakes at an early age so they aren’t that afraid of them. Even when I was playing with the mantis, I kept expecting it to move. I knew if it moved my accident I’d still crap my pants.

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