Discussion: is MMA nothing more than a street brawl?

When it comes to MMA, what is your initial view on it? Is it an art form? A sport? Or nothing more than a glorified street brawl?


How do you feel about women being in MMA?


And lastly, what do you think of this photo taken by the great Pete Pederson of Northern Star Photo who assisted me at this kickboxing event?

2 kickboxing nov 2013_1336

8 thoughts on “Discussion: is MMA nothing more than a street brawl?

  1. 1.) A sport. There are rules and third party genuinely looking out for the competitor’s well-being who has the power to stop the flight. That’s different from a brawl.
    2.) I’m in favor. As long as the woman is doing it because she wants to and enjoys it, why not.
    3.) It makes me think of Jim Carey, for some unknown reason—the expression, I think.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I know this sport can be polarizing, so I was hoping people would chime in with differing views, and maybe have a good discussion where everyone walks away having learned something. I am a diehard MMA fan but barely 3 years ago, I didn’t know a thing about it. And when I thought of the words “cage fighting” I could only think of horrible movies I saw in the 80s where people are beaten to death. I agree with you regarding #1, but there are people who still think the same way I used to.

    There are people who like MMA but not for women. I’d like to understand more about why, because I’m all for women in MMA.

    And #3…this photo cracks me up in all kinds of ways! I do like your Jim Carey view!

  3. 1. When cage fighting started it was basically a street brawl but as it’s been sanctioned now and rules put in place it’s definitely a sport. They are well conditioned and the skills most excel in are ridiculous.
    2. The women are awesome and most are so impressive with their moves and work ethic. I have to say though Ronda Rousey should just step away. She just annoys the hell out of me. Idiot.
    3. it’s funny! what a dufus.

  4. 1. MMA is a great sport. There were many things like Tough man contest and No hold barred contest. Those were contest that let guys come up off the street and prove they were the toughest out there. But the real sport of MMA was that a Mix of Martial arts trying to see who’s martial art was the best. We train day in and day out to accomplish what we do in the “cage”. I have watch some street fighters try to fight some trained MMA guys and get whooped.
    2. I fully believe that women should be allowed in there. Some of these women can handle just as much as a guy. I am proud to be married to a women that has learned Muay Thai and learned from me my Army Combative s. Would not disagree with her if she said that she wanted to get in there and fight!!!
    3.Lastly I think that it is funny. All of us have been in that spot before. It might have been in training and not a fight. Do I want to keep going or How in the Heck did I get to this point. He does kind of look angry about the situation.
    Very good discussion I wish there could be more like this. A lot of people don’t give us the chance to talk about our sport before bashing us down.

  5. Thank you for commenting! As I get more readers I think we’ll get more discussions. I love dispelling the myths of combat sports, and the more I can do it here, the happier I am! Welcome!

  6. I don’t usually get real bloggers that comment on my blog (usually seem spammy to me), but I have to say your blog is a refreshing change! You’re a fellow photographer (so that’s cool), and I’m pretty neutral about MMA (for men or women, I personally don’t think women in the sport should even be an issue), but I think about any sport is an art form in it’s own way. It all takes dedication, practice, and failure, and then getting back up again. Whether you’re a fighter or a photographer, it’s all about the passion!

    • Hi Barb! Thanks for coming back by! We live only about 15 apart 😉 I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far on your pages. Your images are refreshing in that I see “you” in them rather than images that copy other styles. I’m always tickled when I see a photographer like that because I know I will learn from them. And I agree with you wholeheartedly…regardless of the sport, or art, it IS about the passion, practice, and dedication. When people ask me why I love MMA, I tell them, it is because I get to be a part of seeing the results of all those things.

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