Epic Fist Fights

Whatcha doing this weekend? Why not check out a little MMA in Minneapolis? Driller Promotions is hosting an event at Epic Nightclub on Saturday, Jan. 11th, featuring some of the top fighters this state has to offer. Of note:

The Bash Brothers, twins also known as Marvin and Melvin Blumer.


Melvin Blumer vs Danny Sykora — Melvin with the win.


Marvin Blumer after his Feb. 2013 win over Matt Brown.

Melvin and Marvin never seem to disappoint in the cage, but when they fight on the same card, the energy that surrounds these two is astounding. I would attend any event I was able to, just to see the Blumer brothers on the same card. Melvin will be fighting Tony Zelinski and Marvin will be fighting Mike Hernandez, two challenging fighters as well.

In addition, fighters I am always extremely excited to watch compete, Billy Christianson and Dan Kiser, will be facing off against each other this night. Besides being two very strong competitors, each is entertaining in his own right, from walk-in to fight finish. This match-up between The King and The Kidd will be one I’ll be anxiously awaiting the results of. I’m a diehard fan of both, always silently rooting behind my camera for each one when they fight — now what do I do?


Billy’s first Driller Promotions event, vs. Ben Neumann. Billy emerged the victor.

Determined, focused fighter Carl Deaton is also on this card. Who doesn’t love themselves some Carl Deaton?


Deaton after his win against Josh Wiseman

What more is there to say about Carl that he hasn’t already shown in the cage? Nothing, really…if you haven’t seen him fight, grab a ticket to see what this young, fast, dedicated and tireless prospect looks like before he makes the big time.

But the card doesn’t lack luster when these boys aren’t in the cage. Mikey Zimmer fights this night. Back in the cage after a September fight against Codie Kahler, look forward to more impressive kicks from this fan favorite from southern MN.


Mikey delivers a kick to Starr Roberts in his winning bout.

The latest news to report regarding tomorrow’s fight night, comes from MNMMANews.com. Nick Compton has been injured and is out of the fight against fast-rising fight phenom Codie Kahler. Stepping in on short notice is fierce competitor Zach Juusola. The last time Zach stepped in on short notice, he walked away with the win over near-indestructable Billy Christianson.


Juice in his victory over Billy Christianson

An extremely confident and competent Juusola is not one to be intimidated by any sort of change in plans. If he needs to step in for a worthy fight, he will step in and deliver all he’s got…much to the delight and entertainment of MMA fans. And walking away the victor only makes the decision that much sweeter. I suspect that is his plan again tomorrow night.

You can find your tickets online at http://www.cagetix.com — there are still a few left. And for MMA fans who cannot attend, check out the livestream, link usually available and listed at mnmmanews.com.

Hats off again to Andrew Studer and Jeremy Bjornberg for matchmaking another exciting event, showcasing the top Minnesota fighters that fans love to watch. And to the MN gyms…thank you for delivering some of the best midwestern fighters in this sport!

Have a great weekend!

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