My Official Worldly Debut

It was just a few decades ago that I made my official debut. My mom was very proud.


Its my birthday!

That being said, I’d like to introduce myself to my newest followers.

My name is Sandy. I am 29 years old with over a decade of experience. In life.


I grew up in the midwest, with ambitions to be a counselor after high school. I attended college, got my degree in Psychology, was a counselor upon graduation, and remained so until I had my first child in 2000. Then, my husband and I decided we’d like me to be a stay-at-home Mom. Two more children and 12 years later, I re-entered the work force.

My day job is as an administrator of the free/reduced lunch program for a large school district. My night job is as an MMA photographer.


Me with Rich Franklin

MMA introduced itself to me in 2011. I was working w/ a new friend to get shots of fighters for charity. I quickly became addicted to the sport and haven’t looked back since. I am now hired as the Midwest Regional Photographer for King of the Cage, I write for Friday Night Fights Muay Thai (NYC), and I cover local events in kickboxing. So when I reflect on my life, today, my birthday…I think I’m pretty happy with where I am at!


Me with Roger Mayweather

Have a great Monday yourself!

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