Patriot Chopper — Orange County Choppers

My office with the school district is housed in one of our two area high schools. Yesterday, the Patriot Chopper, built by Orange County Choppers of NY, made a visit to our building, and everyone was invited to come down and check it out.


Orange County Choppers is a TV program on the Discovery Channel. In Season 5, in episodes 1 and 2, they built the Patriot Chopper for the National Guard. The National Guard uses the chopper as a recruitment tool as the chopper travels the country. It is most certainly an impressive piece of machinery!

Check out the handlebars — an ammunition belt:


The body also showcases a minuteman air cleaner:


And the exhaust!


The spokes of the wheels feature 3-D inlaid spearheads, which represent the seven Army values.  Chromed M-4 magazines serve as the struts. On the side of the rear wheel a M-4 carbine is mounted. If you’d like to learn more about this chopper, just give it a google and there will be plenty to read up on.

And lastly, a very nice student was volunteered by me to show that Fight to Finish Photography loves the Patriot Chopper, and the Patriot Chopper loves us!



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