Bully Bullsh*t

Do you ever notice, that when a bully goes around terrorizing people, and one of the targets actually stands up for him/herself…someone “neutral” always says, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Why is the victim always looped in to this as if they had something to do with the bully being a jackass?


Maybe instead, the deliverer of the Switzerland message should instead look the bully square in the eye and just say, “Hey…stop with the bullshit. We won’t tolerate it anymore, even if I’m not your target.”

Instead, a coward would tell them ALL to behave, instead of supporting the bullied and saying it isn’t ok. I always hated people like that in high school. I loathe them more now as adults. They won’t stand up to the bully because either they secretly agree with the bullying (making them a bully too) or they are afraid by standing up to it, they’ll make themselves a target (which makes them essentially a victim too).

People. If you see one of your “friends” bullying, harassing, targeting or exacting revenge for imagined crimes on others…stand up and tell them to stop it. Or at the very least, don’t include the victim as someone who is responsible and needs to behave as well.

While a victim might lash out with name calling and reputation bashing, which is not any better than deliberate bullying..that does not justify implying everyone just needs to get along. Tell the victim to find a different way to defend themselves, but still make a statement…



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2 thoughts on “Bully Bullsh*t

  1. I’ll be honest…I’m probably the type of person that would deliver ‘the Switzerland message’, but I’m impressed by how right you are. Thanks for this…I actually got a served a bit of self improvement over my morning coffee. I do hope we can get along;)

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