Another Reason Your Smoking Sucks

People should not smoke cigarettes for a myriad of reason. Let me document for you reason #59.


Today, two heavy smokers entered my two-room office. Shut the door behind them. The stench almost made me pass out.

After they left, I walked to the door and opened it as wide as it would go. No relief.

I grabbed my most-scented hand lotion, took the cap off, and waved it around the room. Momentary relief.


But by the time I sat down, the smoke stench was back. Frustrated, I grabbed the nearest two stacks of paper, and waved them violently in front of me, desperate to get the stench away. I flailed. I grimaced.

A group passed by the office door.

That’s when I realized…it looked like I was fanning my own toots.


And THAT is one reason you should not smoke. It is not fair to ME to stand, dressed nicely in my own office, looking like I filled my pants and was trying not to get busted.


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