Spotlight On: Heather Bassett — MMA

ImageIn an industry that is often drama-filled, the only drama that follows fighter Heather Bassett is whether she will clinch a victory via foot or fist. Regardless of what controversies arise in MMA, Bassett intends to focus on one thing only – the fight.

On March 21st Bassett, 1-0 as a pro, will step into the cage and face 3-1 fighter Fallon Fox. Fox is no stranger to controversy since coming out as a transgender fighter one year ago. But if there is any drama swirling around this match-up, Bassett hasn’t been paying attention. “Opinions don’t determine the outcome of fights. I focus on the things I can control,” she said. “Just like any other fight, I am excited by the opportunity and I am ready to go.”

Bassett lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and trains at Unified Martial Arts. She held a winning amateur record at 5-2 before moving on as a pro in August 2013. Her battle against Breea Gilbert for King of the Cage was a much discussed event thanks to the brutal head kick delivered to Gilbert. The kick knocked Gilbert down and left fans thinking it was a KO, but Gilbert defended and the fight continued. Before round 1 ended, Bassett secured the finish with a rear naked choke and gave her that first professional win.

ImageBassett is hungry for more. Her fight against Fox will be held in Chicago, March 21st, at 135lbs. They are fighting for XFO MMA at UIC Pavilion for what XFO is describing as their “historic 50th professional event.”

Focused heavily on the task at hand, Bassett is committed to being ready for her fight. She has not changed her game plan nor training regimen in preparation. “Every camp is a little different,” she said, “but the overall goals remain consistent.”

Despite an approximate 12-year age difference between the fighters, she does not think it will affect how the fight goes. “We have seen her fights, and I don’t feel that age has any advantage or disadvantages,” said Bassett. “That isn’t something I am concerned with or will worry over.

“I expect a great show for the fans. We are both showing up to fight and no one will be disappointed. We are both well-rounded fighters, so there is no telling where this fight will go!”

ImageIn the past, much media has followed Fox as she continued to pursue a career as a profession fighter. Bassett has not felt the effects of such coverage concerning their upcoming fight. “I am sure it will be increasing as the fight gets closer, but if you want big fights it is something you have to handle,” she said. “I enjoy talking about my career and keeping in touch with fans and media.”

And if her career continues to grow at the pace Bassett desires, she will have plenty of time for that. “I want to be a high-level professional,” she said. “My goal is to continually improve and push myself. Fighting for a big promotion, such as XFO, is always a goal as well – and hopefully at some point in my career, for Invicta and/or UFC.”

Bassett will pave the way for herself, one solid fight at a time. She is prepared for March 21st and is confident her fans will not be disappointed. “My opponent and I are both ready for this fight, and we are going to put on a great show!”

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