Little Did I Know…

It was 2002 and I took a community ed. photography class out of sheer boredom. My husband and I received an SLR camera from my in-laws as a wedding gift 4 years before and I figured I should learn how to use it.

Three years later, I invested in some backdrops and $300 lights on eBay. I invited my adorable neighbor boys over for a fun shoot so I could gift their mother the photos for her upcoming birthday.

It was 2005 and I wanted to be a portrait photographer.


Now, these little guys are all grown up. The boy on the right has been in college two years, and the boy on the left is graduating from high school in June.

I gave up portrait photography three years ago because I didn’t enjoy it. In 2011 I was introduced to fight photography, and I had found my niche. What a treasure, for many reasons, to come across this old photo this afternoon!

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