Muay Thai in NYC this Friday Night

Wright vs. Stevens Ready to Deliver Hard

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Wright-vs-stevensBy Sandy Hackenmueller

When the Broad Street Ballroom opens its doors to fight fans in early April, fans will not be disappointed at the stacked card that is ready for them. Two impressive artists that will be battling it out are professional fighters Michael Stevens and Brian Wright.

Wright is from Interlaken, NJ. He owns and trains at Killer B Combat Sports Academy in Oakhurst. Stevens is from Mt. Airy, NC and Tampa, FL. He trains out of Tampa Muay Thai as well as Eight Points Muay Thai in Winston/Salem, NC.

Dedicated to their fans, both fighters took a moment to share answers to a few questions.

When was your last bout? Was it a win or a loss?

MS: September 28 of last year in Vegas. It was a decision loss.

BW: I haven’t fought since 2004. I lost an MMA fight that I took on a few days’ notice. I haven’t kickboxed since 2003, where I won 2 out of 3 fights in a K-1 format event in Canada.

How has that last bout gotten your ready for this fight?

MS: It’s okay to not push the pace constantly, if you’re taking unnecessary shots. I learned it as an amateur, but was reminded of this and refined in my last fight

BW: It was so long ago, that it doesn’t matter.

What do you know about your opponent and how he fights?

MS: I know nothing, to be honest. I know he doesn’t want to drop below 170, and he hasn’t fought in a while. He’s in for a rough night.

BW: I know nothing about my opponent, which is pretty fair since my own info is so outdated that he won’t find anything useful on me.

Have you made any adjustments in your own fighting style for this bout?

MS: Of course. but not just for this bout. I’m always trying to adjust and improve.

BW: It has been over 10 years for me to even think about fighting. I coach a lot of guys. The adjustment here is focusing on me instead of somebody else.

Do you have any predictions for this fight? How about the outcome?

MS: I’m not going to make any predictions, but I’m going to have a good night.

BW: I predict a hard and fun fight. This is it for me. I will be 40 years old by fight time. I have an 11-month-old son, a wife, career, and gym. I have fought in a lot of places and put my body through hell. I want to say goodbye to my time in the ring with my friends and family there to watch. I have zero pressure and nothing to lose. I will be in shape and I will be prepared to bang out for five rounds. I am coming to win but I really don’t care. I will give it everything I have and what the outcome is, it is.

What message do you have for your fans as to why this fight is a “must see”?

MS: This is a must-see fight because after losing three really close fights, I do not want to lose another — and I’m not going to.

BW: Come see this because for me, this is it. Let’s pack the room, have some fun, and make this a special event.

Do you have any words for your opponent?

MS: I hope he is training hard, and best of luck. I’m looking forward to a good fight, but I’m coming there to merk him.

BW: I have nothing really to say to Mike. We don’t know each other. I am not one to hate my opponent or get all crazy like that for a fight. Let’s just get in there and do this. Bring me your best and I will do the same. We can buy a round for each other after.

Have you fought on a Friday Night Fights card before? What are your thoughts on this promotion?

MS: Yes I have, and I think the promotion is very professional and well put together. The match ups have been great from what I’ve seen, and I would encourage my teammates to take the opportunity if ever offered.

BW: I have never personally fought on the show but I have been putting guys on it for quite a while now. I always said that if I was going to fight again, I wanted it to be on Friday Night Fights. Justin and his team put on the best event of its kind in the area. You feel like you are a part of something special when you fight here. FNF simply does it right.

What are your fight goals for the rest of 2014?

MS: My goals are to fight about 6-10 more times and not lose one. I’d like to get on the map to fight top guys in Muay Thai and MMA.

BW: My goal is to walk away from this fight and kiss my wife and then my son, satisfied with my efforts, and put the demon that is fighting to rest, once and for all.

Don’t miss this exciting event, April 4th, at the Broadstreet Ballroom! BE THERE!

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