East Meets West on Friday Night Fights Muay Thai

Jose Palacios vs Justin Greskiewicz

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Jose Palacios vs Justin Greskiewicz

By Sandy Hackenmueller

If you are a fan of Friday Night Fights’ exciting East Coast vs West Coast battles, you are in for a treat this spring. On May 16th, Jose Palacios of Fremont, CA will face off against Justin Greskiewicz of Philadelphia, PA. With well over 50 career fights between them, this match-up promises to be explosive.

Palacios trains with Head Coach Rudi Ott at Unlimited MMA in CA. Greskiewicz trains at Stay Fly Muay Thai in PA, which he recently opened. Both fighters are coming off of decision losses and are more determined than ever to not leave the ring with another one.

Palacios walked away with a decision loss in his last battle against Gabriel Varga in Chicago. This fight was merely one week after a fight against Scott Leffler, which was also a decision loss. “Losing back to back is no fun,” he said. “It’s challenging mentally more than anything, but this is the challenge called life. I love fighting. Fighting is simple; fighting is what makes life simple for me. It’s when I don’t have a fight that things get a little out of whack.”

Greskiewicz’s last fight was against Chris Kwiatkowski for Friday Night Fights. “I had a blast,” he said. “However, I lost a decision that I really didn’t agree with. I felt one step ahead in every second of the fight. At no point did I think I lost even a round. The fourth round was closest, I think, but I landed a great head kick that knocked Chris though the ropes. I think it should’ve been called a knockdown, in which case I think I would have won that round 10-8.

“Either way, I had a great time in the ring for that fight and I felt awesome. Maybe I played too much, and should’ve really tried to hurt Chris. I just really thought there was absolutely no need to. I think only two people in the entire arena thought Chris won that fight, and they just happened to be sitting ringside with scorecards in front of them. So, this fight, I’m doing everything I can to really pour it on and not leave it to the judges.”

Each fighter feels prepared for the other. “I know that Jose is slick and likes to use a lot of sweeps, and catch kicks a lot,” said Greskiewicz. “I think my balance is going to be too much for him to play his game. However, Jose is a top level fighter and it will be difficult to train for this fight.”

“I know this guy has been tested as well,” said Palacios. “I’ve seen him win some good fights and I’ve seen him lose as well. He’s game and I’m excited to get to punch him in the face,” he laughed. “Respect!”

Palacios looks to adjust his thinking in addressing the challenge of facing this opponent. “There is no opponent,” he said. “He is a different version of me. I have to remember that. You have to adjust your way of thinking more than anything. I have made some adjustments that I feel are going to work fantastic for me.”

Greskiewicz has a positive outlook despite some setbacks. “Recently, my former coach abandoned me without any real explanation, so I’ve been left largely to my own devices. That will certainly be a challenge,” he said. “I think this will be a very technical and exciting bout, but I definitely see myself coming out on top. I just want this one too much.”

On top of regaining that win, Palacios shares one additional motivation that drives him. “I’m going to be a brand new father. I’m going to have a little boy! It’s changed a few things. Perspective is a little different. His name is Odin, and this makes me want to make smarter decisions. Not just training, but life outside the gym.”

He shares his predictions for this fight. “I haven’t fought anyone I didn’t like, that’s not me. But either Justin, or I, or both will come out looking like we were in a fight. I’m not one to talk smack, but I will come out victorious in this bout. Sorry buddy, you’re in my way!” said Palacios.

Greskiewicz shares a similar sense of good sportsmanship. “To my fans, be prepared to see something exciting — a better Purple People Eater than you’ve ever seen! To Jose, I can’t wait to do it, buddy. Let’s put on a show!”

“Why is this a ‘must see’?” said Palacios. “Because it’s happening! You never know if this will be my last fight or not. The truth is tomorrow is never promised. So if you like seeing me in action… then I suggest you don’t miss out on this one.

“I am looking forward to this fight for more than one reason.  So come May 16th, you will see why I am considered one of the best. If you don’t think so, you will become a believer.”

Who will come out on top? Both fighters fully intend to deliver the best that is yet to come. So don’t miss out…BE THERE!

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