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MMA fans might have a hard time deciding what the biggest thing about fighter Brittany Dugas is – her personality, her punch, or her mouth. While Dugas would likely say it’s her mouth, her overall hard-working, charismatic fight persona is what keeps her fans returning for more.

Dugas trains at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in Poplar Bluff, MO. After maintaining a seven-fight winning streak, she suffered her first career loss in February to Michigan fighter Amanda Bobby Cooper. The bout earned them “Fight of the Night” for King of the Cage.

“The loss taught me a lot about the fight game and even more about myself,” said Dugas. “With that loss, I will only get better. It will ultimately result in my domination of the 125 lbs division and eventually a World Title.


“My next opponent will be Calie Cutler, April 26th for King of the Cage, which takes place at Lake of the Torches Casino in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin,” she shared. “Go to or for more details on the event. It will air on Direct TV and Dish a few weeks after the event. You can check out for air dates and more info.”

Dugas is looking forward to battling it out with Cutler. “Calie Cutler is a ground-and-pound wrestler who I am certain is well rounded,” said Dugas. “She comes out of the same camp as my last opponent, Bobby Cooper. Both girls train under James Gray at SFS and I know they come to put in work.

“I am excited for this fight for a few reasons. First of all, I took a devastating defeat in my last bout and it’s my time to show SFS and any haters what the real deal is.”


Dugas feels prepared for this fight, and is not anticipating any new challenges as she moves forward. “I just need to be able to put that last fight in the past, and make sure I don’t allow anything to affect my confidence going into it,” she said. “I believe self confidence is very important, especially when it comes to keeping a cool head and sticking to your game plan.

“I have made some minor adjustments to my overall training schedule,” said Dugas. “This includes more weightlifting, and of course more cardio. There is more drilling and more time on the mats to keep that Jits game on point. I’m also continuously building my striking game and overall technique. Basically, I’m just focusing on more of everything.”


However, her game plan hasn’t changed. “Come out strong and be first,” she said. “I plan to control the fight and make Calie Cutler feel that emptiness that I’ve had since losing my first fight. I’m definitely not the one she wants for her debut, but I respect her confidence.”

Dugas is feeling confident she will come out ahead after all is left in the cage. “In every fight there must be a loser and there can only be one winner,” said Dugas. “I predict I’ll come through with a 2nd round TKO due to ground-and-pound. We most definitely should have no problem nabbing ‘Fight of the Night’!

“Calie is a very dangerous opponent who comes from a very good team. I know she will come hungry and ready to bang. I always love a good fight, and I guarantee everyone will want to witness what will be the first of many WINS for me as a professional!”


Apparent in her fight game and words are Dugas’ respect for others in the industry. “This is my second event with KOTC. They have done an amazing job setting up these fights and making sure we get the recognition we deserve,” she said. Her attitude and sportsmanship can go a long way in inspiring others.

“I don’t consider myself a very inspirational person, although I’m sure I have inspired lots of people,” said Dugas. “I have a big mouth and I always speak my mind. I would hope to inspire others to never be afraid to speak up, and never be afraid to stand alone.”

Dugas encourages others, fighters or not, to pave their own way and make their own luck. “Always set the standard when it comes to sportsmanship and attitude,” she said. “Leading by example is the best way to inspire others. Sportsmanship is one of the most important things you can learn.

“Like I’ve said before — after all is said and done and the last bell rings, we are all friends and colleagues who are working to achieve the same dream of success.”

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One thought on “Spotlight on Brittany Dugas — MMA

  1. you say all the right things britt always keep ur head and be first when theyre off balance never let up throw many punches combos keep hands movin always like a hive of bees on her ass

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