Spotlight on: Nick Palmer — MMA


With new goals and passions at the forefront, fighter Nick “the Inspiration” Palmer is back in action again. This time he is focusing heavily on his upcoming April 26th MMA bout at the Muse Nighclub in Minneapolis against Ash Majek, and the benefits to others that stem from it.

Palmer lives with a condition called symbrachydactyly, a condition in which a person is born with small fingers, missing fingers, or a missing hand. Never one to shy away from athletics, Palmer grew up wrestling and playing baseball, football and basketball. Now a fighter on a 3-fight winning streak in MMA, he has felt moved to work with others with the same condition, and teach them that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Palmer was invited to join an organization called NubAbility, as an athletics coach for children with symbrachydactyly. He has coached the youngsters involved in the program in basic wrestling skills. “They are the main reason I switched to a MMA based gym,” said Palmer, who had been previously training at North Branch Kickboxing and MMA with Heath Fonnest.


Palmer has switched to train with MN Militia in Shafer, MN to focus more on wrestling and MMA. “I want to get my own wrestling up to par so I can provide these kids with more than basics. I wasn’t even really a fan of wrestling anymore until I was asked to coach at NubAbility. They gave me the inspiration I needed to go after my own personal goals, and in the process it allows me to teach them what I learn.”

His last fight was a kickboxing match in November for the 155lb Extreme Striking Promotions Title. The bout went all five rounds and was fought to a draw. A tie-breaking sixth round was fought and Palmer lost by KO. “The last bout made me a better and stronger fighter,” he said. “I lost, but it fueled me to work harder and get better.”


Feeling confident with what he’s learned combined with his determination, Palmer is ready to battle is out against the 5-2 Majek. “I know he likes to stand up and fight, but I also know he has put more focus into his ground game too,” said Palmer. “He’s becoming a pretty well-rounded fighter.”

 And Palmer is ready. “I have a feeling my wrestling is going to get put to work in this fight because I don’t think Ash is going to want to stand and fight me. I just have to make sure I fight my fight and stick to my plan. I have to not let him control the pace and force me into his kind of fight.

“On paper this fight looks like it will be one the fans will love! I’m just going to go out there and make sure my hand is raised in victory at the end of it all. I’m not sure how it will end, but I’m coming for the win!” he said.


MMA fans have plenty of reason to want to see this fight. Palmer took home KO of the Year in 2013, and Majek earned 2013’s Fight of the Year. “This fight has the potential to be this year’s fight of the year,” said Palmer, “and quite possibly a KO to go with it!”

As Palmer moves ahead with new training and upcoming fights, he looks forward to returning to coach NubAbility All Sports Camp kids again with the things he’s learned. “Last year I taught a lot of basics,” he said. “This year I’d like to be able to give each kid a move or two they can work on and master the mats with.


photo from, Palmer is fourth from the left

“I would like to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. The best way to inspire someone is by example. I’m still chasing my dreams and I hope I can get others to chase theirs, especially when times get challenging.

“I’m definitely trying to leave my mark,” said Palmer. “I just want these kids to look at me and see that I’m doing what I love and so can they. I spend a lot of my night reaching out to parents and kids and it’s the best part of it all. To give them some hope and put smiles on their faces is the greatest feeling in the world.”

Palmer credits many people for helping him and supporting him on his journey. He has spent a good part of his fight career training with Heath Fonnest at North Branch Martial Arts and Fitness. “Even though I haven’t been there for this fight doesn’t mean I became me without him,” said Palmer. “Tom Rush was huge for me too. Always kicking my butt. Love those guys.”


He also gives credit to MN Militia for his growth since he’s joined them. And last but not least, Palmer would like to thank his sponsors at Definitive Aquarium Maintenance Service, Piranha Gear, NubAbility, Luxury Digital Studios and John’s Landscaping, and Valhalla Gym owned by Jim Clark.

See what “The Inspiration” is up to by checking him out at @Inspiration155 on Twitter. Watch for news on his next fight, April 26th in Minneapolis, MN with Driller Promotions.

See an early article of mine on Nick here:


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