Good deed! Help save my friend’s pet

For my friend Cassie — help save her kitty!


Notes from Cassie’s page: “Scooter is our family kitten that was a malnourished and injured kitten we found this summer. With lots of care, we were able to help him get better and he made a full recovery.   He has an incredibly funny character, strong spirit, loves playing with the dogs, and cuddling on a lap all day. He sleeps with his stuffed tiny lion every night.  Needless to say, he’s impossible not to love.

Sadly, he’s taken a turn for the worst, having somehow re-injured himself.  His spine is injured and he is unable to move too much, walk, or use the litter box on his own. He needs surgery as soon as possible on his spine, but we can’t afford the high cost of the surgery and we are running out of time.  We are looking into other options of caring for him until he can get the surgery so that we don’t have to put him down.  Please help save Scooter by giving him the surgery he needs to live.

If we are fortunate enough to raise what is needed for his surgery, anything raised above the goal will be donated to a local animal charity.”

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