The Berrios/Clarke fight: Spotlight on Alex Berrios

The Berrios/Clarke fight: Spotlight on Alex Berrios

by Sandy Hackenmueller

Berrios vs Clarke

If you aren’t familiar with the name Alex Berrios, the time is now. One of Muay Thai’s more prolific fighters, Berrios is returning to the NYC fight scene on the last Friday in February, and you won’t want to miss it!

Berrios is a 6-foot pro fighter from Tampa, FL. He trains at Tampa Muay Thai for KhanomTom Fight Team and holds not only a winning fight record, but a few titles as well. As an amateur, Berrios earned the TBA Super Middleweight Champion belt and the ISKA FL State Middleweight Champion belt, to accent his 9-4 professional record. Five of those professional wins were by knock out.

Berrios has been training and fighting for nearly a decade. When he returns to fight for Friday Night Fights on Feb. 27th, it will be his 6th event with the promotion.

What keeps you coming back?

I enjoy the location. I feel like I would not prefer to live in NY, but it is an amazing place to visit, and the fight fans up here are absolutely great.

Are there any differences between fighting in NY than FL?

Besides the lack of professional full rules events in FL, the big difference is not having the support of my family and friends present at the events out of state.

What do you know about your next opponent?

I know Elijah is a very kind, respectful guy, and he is talented. I look forward to the fight.

What should your fans expect to see from you this fight?

Fans should expect to see me eager to finish the fight on my terms, and not leave it to the judges in NY.

Do you have any pre-fight superstitions?

I’m not a superstitious guy by any means. My guiding principle is to be fully prepared mentally and physically. “Success loves preparation” is something that I always keep in mind.

Tell us one thing about yourself in relation to this sport that no one knows.

I love to fight because I want to make a good example — for my family, friends, and my students. Fighting focuses my life around a single purpose. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have a single goal in mind. Many lessons can be learned and insights gained in this journey, and it all serves to enrich my life and relationships.

What is your long-term goal for Muay Thai?

I have two long term goals. One is to win more professional title belts than amateur, of which I have two. So, I have plenty of work! The other is to gain enough notoriety that KhanomTom Muay Thai gym, even more than myself, will be a well-regarded and recognizable name in the sport. I hope that is a worthy contribution to the gym that has given me so much.

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