Fight to Finish Fighter Clayton “Mean Mug” McGhee Ready for Action


This Saturday night, King of the Cage is back in action in Keshena, WI and fighter Clayton McGhee is eager to get back in the cage.

McGhee lives in Antigo, WI and fights out of Seven Clans MMA. He’s been fighting for just under two years and continues to improve his fighting style. “I am always working on my stand-up and ground work,” said McGhee, “although my biggest strength is my stand-up. I love trading punches, and getting punched in the face.”


Seven Clans MMA coach Ken Sitsler agrees that McGhee’s stand-up makes him a contender. “I always expect to see crisp striking out of Clayton,” he said. “Also, he has some of the best natural kicks out of my group of fighters. His combination set-ups between kicks and punches are flowing better than ever.”

Add to that some improved ground work and McGhee will show his opponent, as well as his fans, why he isn’t a name to forget. “He is becoming more comfortable in positions he once thought were disadvantages,” said Sitsler. ““He’s becoming a pain in my butt on the ground!”


McGhee also said he has one more surprise he’s looking to add to his toolbox. “I’ve been working on a wheel kick to add the extra “Ooooh” that happens with big shots,” he said. “I love to put on a show. Win or lose, I’m there for fun and to give the fans a show.”

Few could disagree with that. McGhee’s fight against Wisconsin’s Jon Pickering was a bomb-throwing battle. “My most memorable fight would have to be that one,” said McGhee. “It was back and forth for both rounds, and I dropped him in each round. Even though I lost, it was my favorite fight by far, and I wish for more like it.”

McGhee lightheartedly talks about one fight instance he might like to forget, however. “It was during my fight with Pheng Yang, when I had him in an armbar,” he said. “In training, I remembered it was “thumbs up,” so, I went to adjust his arm. I completely let go of it…and ended up letting him out of it!” It is his ability to shake his own head at himself that motivates McGhee to learn from his mistakes and keep moving forward.

“It is my short-term goal to make a name for myself in MMA,” said McGhee. It is not an easy goal to reach, with a schedule that conflicts with training and a series of life changes. “I sometimes work over 50 hours a week,” he said.


“He also has a recent addition to his family with his baby daughter,” said Sitsler, who points out that his own work schedule creates obstacles as well. “We get by the best we can.”

But with recent improvements to the gym and a whole lot of heart in the fighters, there isn’t an end in sight. “My long-term goal would be to go pro and make it big, while not forgetting where I came from,” said McGhee. “I won’t forget the people who helped me get there.

“I’d like to thank Ken Sitsler, my coach, all of my training partners, my family, and my girlfriend Chelsey Maahs, for supporting me.”


You can follow Clayton McGhee by finding him on Twitter at @cmcghee5445, and watch his fight this Saturday night at Menominee Casino Resort in Keshena, WI!


4 thoughts on “Fight to Finish Fighter Clayton “Mean Mug” McGhee Ready for Action

    • He was set to fight Jon Brown but it fell apart; I was informed 10 minutes before I posted that his new opponent is expected to be Devin Shepherd. I couldn’t confirm this with KOTC so I left the information off.

  1. i miss u clayton i dont know about austin but i hope to see you one of these day and i want you to teach me to to fight and when is your next fight cause id like to be there

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