Spotlight On: Fight to Finish Fighter Kyle Laude


Saturday night is coming up fast, and Unified Martial Arts fighter Kyle Laude is prepared to show you why he is one of Wisconsin’s rising MMA stars.

Having never been finished in a fight, Fond du Lac’s Laude will be seeking another finish of his own to add to his winning record when King of the Cage is back at Menominee Casino in Keshena, WI. “I’ve been training hard and I’m ready to go,” he said. “I’ve worked on learning a lot more with the time off between fights, and I’m extremely excited to fight again.”


An amateur fighter with a 4-1 record, Laude feels solid heading into his fight against Kim Vaughn. “My greatest strength for fighting is probably my reach,” he said. “I have a long reach for my weight class, and I plan on utilizing it to its full potential.”

UMA owner and coach Mike Biddle describes Laude’s advantages. “Kyle is a well-rounded fighter, with technical stand-up,” he said. “He is not afraid to go for submissions on the ground, which  make him an exciting fighter to watch, no matter where the fight goes.”


Laude has a solid focus for training for a fight. “I never really care who I fight, or what my opponent does,” said Laude. “I have the mindset that I will train like normal, and work on things I’m good at, and continue to improve.”

As Laude moves forward in his training, he sets his goals where he can see them. “My goals right now are to win my next fight, that’s what I’m focused on,” he said. “But my long term goals are to keep training and keep showing, and finally making it into the UFC. That’s where I believe I will end up. I don’t see obstacles in reaching my goals – I will achieve them.”


A positive outlook is essential in keeping one motivated, but having a good team behind you is important too. “In fight camp, the team is always laughing and have a good time,” said Laude.

“It’s pretty funny when you’re shadow boxing, and you throw a kick and slip…everyone in the room just laughs at you. That’s always a good time,” he joked.

Along with this tongue-in-cheek humor, Laude is grateful for those who surround him. “I’d like to thank everyone who supports me, and who buy tickets to my fights. I want to thank my training partners and my coaches, especially Mike Biddle. I’d also like to thank my beautiful girlfriend Noel for supporting me and having my back!”


You can follow Kyle Laude by finding him on Twitter at @KyleLaudeMMA, and watch his fight this Saturday night at Menominee Casino Resort in Keshena, WI!


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