Kyle Laude Strengthens Record

With his sights set on a big future, MMA fighter Kyle Laude aimed for another win last weekend and met his goal.

At King of the Cage’s March 7th event, Laude went up against fighter Kim Vaughn from Michigan. Laude is an amateur fighter with Unified Martial Arts in Wisconsin, and moved his fight record to 5-1.



“I believe my fight went well,” said Laude. “I came out and shot for the takedown. I got caught with a good punch, but I recovered and ended up winning via triangle choke in the first round.

“The highlight for me was definitely slapping in the choke and winning. I was looking at Mike Beltran, the referee, as soon as I locked the choke in. I did not let go until he grabbed me!”

Always ready to fight anyone set in front of him, Laude was prepared to go against a fighter with a solid background. “I was pumped to get the win over such an experienced fighter,” he said. “My opponent has a ton of experience compared to me. This is great for me — I like competing against higher level competition.

“Vaughn hits hard,” Laude continued. “We knew that coming into the fight. I wasn’t too worried about how hard he hit, but he does hit hard! I have respect for him and I’d just like to thank him for fighting me.”

With his fight camp and fight behind him, Laude is looking ahead at his next goal. “The next step in fighting for me is getting my blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu,” said Laude. “I’m testing in April for it, so that’s what my focus is on right now. I’m pumped for that.


“As far as fighting goes, I’m just going to continue to get better — work on some more technique and speed, and just keep continuing on the path I’ve started.

“I’m confident that if I continue to work hard I’ll succeed in this sport.”

If you’d like to follow Kyle Laude on his MMA journey, check him out on Twitter @KyleLaudeMMA!



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