Josh Aveles Aims for KOTC Record — TONIGHT


We at Fight to Finish Bloodsport Photography are fans of MMA fighter Joshua Aveles and his fight team, Team Diamond Martial Arts of Upland, CA. We met them last November at KOTC’s first midwestern live televised event at Black Bear Casino.


(quite proud of my el Rey photobomb)

Aveles and his corners were approachable, fun, and dedicated. You could tell in short order that this wasn’t just a fight team — this was a fight family. 


Tonight Aveles enters the cage with two belts from two different weight classes, looking to earn his third belt — in a third weight class — therefore achieving a KOTC record. 


Aveles will be fighting Alex Reyes from Cage Combat Academy (Victorville, CA), the current KOTC World Lightweight Champion. His own title, as the KOTC Junior Welterweight Champion, will be put on the line. The winner of the fight will walk away with both belts. And if Aveles is the victor, these two belts will be added to his third title as KOTC Welterweight Champion.


He will be making King of the Cage history.

We would like to wish Joshua “El Rey” Aveles the best as he moves toward his dreams! The fights are held tonight, 5pm, at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA! Follow Aveles on Twitter and Facebook!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Aveles was submitted in round 4, but it goes without saying, we have much love for Joshua “el Rey” Aveles whether he wins or loses!


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