Clark and Larson Deliver Stellar Finishes

by Sandy Hackenmueller

Saturday night’s King of the Cage event was another successful one as UFC vet Brock Larson and MMA’s rising star Kevin Clark secured powerful wins.


The beautiful Spirit Lake Casino and Resort in St. Michael, ND hosted their second event with King of the Cage, a top regional promotion, on May 2nd. Larson fought on KOTC’s debut card in January, with a win over Eddie Larrea, and the casino was happy to have him back.


“The Larson vs Kyle Olsen fight went how I expected,” said Francisco de la Paz, Spirit Lake Casino’s Event Manager. “Brock’s game is to get the fight to the ground and punish his opponent. He did a great job of doing that. I was a little surprised that Olsen wasn’t able to keep it on his feet by stuffing some takedowns, but Brock is a tough dude.”

IMG_0619-2 IMG_0666

Besides his notoriety as a UFC vet, Larson is well known for being generous and available to the people at events. “Brock is amazing with the fans,” agreed de la Paz. “Everyone here at Spirit Lake is a big Brock Larson fan!” After the show, Brock could be seen in the hallways visiting with fans, squatting down to visit directly with children, and never dismissing a fan photo request.

Co-maining the evening was Fight to Finish fighter Kevin Clark against North Dakota’s Antonio Borden. Clark is known for engaging the crowd with his charismatic personality, entertaining antics, and keen skills in the cage.

IMG_0088 IMG_0378 IMG_0264

“Kevin Clark is a phenomenal fighter. This kid caught my attention during his amateur career so we were very excited when we found out he was going to be on our card,” said de la Paz. “The thing that surprised me the most about him is his IQ of the fight game. Borden came into this fight the bigger and stronger guy, but Clark knew what he had to do to win.

“He used his speed and athleticism perfectly by timing out the takedown and catching Borden in the guillotine choke.”


With KOTC in only it’s second event at this venue, de la Paz has said has enjoyed working with this big promotion. “KOTC is awesome,” he said. “I love working with everyone from KOTC and I hope we can continue our partnership for years to come. Everyone was pumped during the fights. People were loud and making the evening really enjoyable!

“Saturday’s show was great. We had awesome fights and everything turned out well.”

IMG_0287  IMG_0449

If you would find out more about King of the Cage and their future events, check them out at You can also check out Spirit Lake Casino and Resort in St. Michael, ND at

Follow Kevin Clark’s promising career by going to his page on Twitter and Facebook, and Brock Larson on his Twitter page and Facebook page as well!

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