Missing/Stolen: Fully Loaded Camera Bag, Minnesota

11205500_10153405177930757_456746323073740600_n    11165268_10153405177935757_254692070822543895_n

Missing from park in St. Cloud, MN — Whitney Ballpark Fields, Field #6 — Tuesday, May 5th, between 7:30p and 9pm. Camera bag with two Canon cameras (details below).


We have contacted: PD, ballpark, schools, parents, coaches, FB, pawn shops, Craigslist, garage sale sites, insurance. (We need to call insurance again because they said the max is $250 and I suspect that is BS). Estimated worth of equipment and/or to replace it: $6500

Canon 7D
Canon Xsi
Multicolored camera strap
Canon 35mm 1.4 L series lens
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L series lens
70mm UV filter
Silver, gold, black, purple Sharpies
3 Canon 7D batteries
Small plastic container of strobe bulbs
3-4 SD cards
The camera bag itself

No ID card as, ironically, I handed out my last business card at this weekend’s event. The only three CF cards not in the bag are also the only three I wrote my contact information on. Go figure.

I was using a very unique camera strap on my 7D. I found some pictures of it. Also, my lenses all have a red line around them, you can’t miss it if you are looking at the lens.

For anyone who missed this information, the bag was left (through a miscommunication!) at Whitney Field ballpark #6 in St. Cloud, MN and was gone before I returned for it. Our school, Prince of Peace Lutheran School was playing 5-6th grade softball against St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School the night of Tuesday, May 5th.

Thank you all very much for your support, comments, reposts, questions, and the five amazing photographer friends of mine who offered to loan me anything I need. You are all wonderful.

Contact information: Sandy Hackenmueller, 320-230-7952

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