Strandlien, Doty in Action Saturday Night

by Sandy Hackenmueller

Saturday night, Fight to Finish will be ready to shoot great MMA action at Black Bear Casino when King of the Cage returns with title shot action. Fight to Finish contender Ben Pierre-Saint will be competing for the 145lb belt against Jordan Griffin.

Just a few hours west, two more Fight to Finish fighters will be putting on an impressive show for a smaller promotion. Amateur fighter Ben Strandlien aims to secure his 10th win in a rematch battle against James “Ryot” Waller of Illinois. Strandlien will be defending his light heavyweight title for the fourth time in what promises to be an epic bout.

Heavyweight contender 3-0 Dillon Doty will also be ready to secure his fourth win. Doty will be fighting John Loeken, 2-1. who although has only fought once since 2012, and over a year ago, Doty is not taking lightly.

“He is definitely a serious fight for me,” said Doty. “Loeken is no cupcake. But neither am I.

“But I’m going to win. I can feel it in my heart.”

We would like to send our best with all of the fighters this weekend as they step in to the octagon to give it their all!

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