Greskiewicz and Sampieri Set to Fight for WBC Title

Greskiewicz and Sampieri Set to Fight for WBC Title

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Sampieri vs Greskiewiczby Sandy Hackenmueller

Known for being a leader in bringing firsts to Muay Thai in New York, Friday Night Fights is bringing forth another. On August 14th, two World Boxing Council title fights will be making their debut in the great state of New York.

Two imposing fighters on the Muay Thai scene, Justin Greskiewicz and Joseph Sampieri, will be competing for the WBC International Welterweight Title.

“The WBC is one of the most recognized and respected sanctioning bodies for the sport of Muay Thai, which makes their belts very sought after,” said Sampieri.

“I’m really excited to have WBC be a part of the scene in New York,” said Greskiewicz. “WBC rules Full Rules Muay Thai. Scoring in WBC is usually traditional Muay Thai scoring, where some strikes score higher than others.

“It’s an honor to hold the national WBC title.” The event will be sanctioned by the World Kickboxing Association.

Both Sampieri and Greskiewicz are well known, powerful players on the Muay Thai scene.

“Justin is one of the top active professional Muay Thai fighters in the country,” said Sampieri. “He’s fought top competitors all over the world, in some of the best promotions. Justin has a solid base of traditional Muay Thai. He’s a crafty fighter with many attributes that can put an end to the fight at any time.”

“My opponent, Joe Sampieri, has a real traditional Muay Thai style. He’s good,” said Greskiewicz. “It should be a pretty fight. I’m excited about that. My last opponent was anything but a pretty Muay Thai fighter, and it’s just something I think really detracts from a fight. Muay Thai is something specific, and it’s beautiful. I’m excited to fight Joe because he actually fights Muay Thai. I am prepared for Joe to be a solid, well-rounded, strong fighter.”

Greskiewicz believes his biggest strength as a fighter is his experience. “I may be wrong, but I think I have more fights than any other American fighter who is still fighting currently,” he said. “Between my amateur and pro careers, this will be my 71st Muay Thai fight.

“I love Muay Thai and fight traditional Muay Thai all the time. It suits me best,” said Greskiewicz. “Training for this belt won’t be much different, but the stakes are high. I’ll be excited to put on a show. It’s a huge honor to have such a large role in Muay Thai. I’ve worked with many organizations as an official and referee. I’ve helped hold scoring seminars and I’ve been a large part of bringing traditional Muay Thai to a lot of people. I’m excited to be a part of the event that is bringing the WBC to NY.”

Sampieri stated he is excited to be a part of the introduction of WBC to Muay Thai in NYC as well. While preparing for this fight means a few changes, he said his training camps are always evolving, and no two are ever the same.

“I consider one of my strengths to be having the ability to adapt and problem solve quickly as the fight progresses,” he said. “Preparing for Justin is going to be an exciting challenge that I’m looking forward to. Having the chance to grow from my mentors, trainers and sparring partners is going to be a great learning opportunity in preparation for this fight.”

As is common with many great athletes, good sportsmanship is also part of the game. “WBC title or not, this fight is important to me because I have a tremendous amount of respect for Justin, inside and outside the ring,” said Sampieri. “I think Justin is a great ambassador to our sport of Muay Thai.”

Greskiewicz stated he has a great amount of respect for Sampieri as well. “Joe, let’s get in there and show these dudes what real Muay Thai looks like,” he said. “Let’s beat the bag out of each other real pretty like.”

Sampieri summed it up in one sentence. “On August 14th — it will be an honor to share the ring.”

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