Jenkins Heads to Boxing


“Live life to the fullest” might as well be Brandon Jenkins’ next tattoo. Jenkins is the type of fighter who keeps his mind on his goals regardless of the obstacles in front of him. And his goals include experiencing all that he can, while he can.

That means that on Saturday night, Jenkins is stepping in to a ring instead of a cage, and putting on boxing gloves instead of MMA gloves. He will be facing boxer Charles Meier in Jenkin’s pro boxing debut.

Meier is a seasoned boxer but Jenkins said he doesn’t mind a challenge. “I think we are pretty even in experience,” Jenkins said. “Meier has had close to 50 amateur boxing matches, and I’ve had 31 amateur MMA fights. Meier has had 11 pro fights and I’ve had 6. When my last fight fell through, this boxing show was the following weekend. There were some openings and I figured it would be a shame to get in to great shape and not get to fight. Charles was the only guy they had in in my weight class.

“A lot of MMA guys make the transition over to boxing for a quick paycheck. They have a hard time adapting to the different rules, and fight carelessly.  I’m not here for a quick paycheck — and I’m damn sure not going to go in there and roll over. I’m coming to win.”

IMG_1585 IMG_1588

Jenkins said he is excited for this new experience. “This fight is special to me to an extent,” he said. “I’ve already fought professional MMA and professional kickboxing. This will be my third different combat sport. So the butterflies are back!”

Experiencing opportunities that are presented to you is something that life is all about, in Jenkin’s opinion. “When I’m 40 I can look back and tell my kids all of the crazy stories of things I’ve accomplished,” he said.

“It reminds me of the time Ozzy Judge called me on a Thursday and asked what I was doing that weekend. I was thinking he’s going invite me to a BBQ or something. Instead, I ended up fighting in a one-night, 8-man kickboxing tournament.

“We got to the weigh-ins, and I looked at him and said, ‘Man, this is crazy!’ He looked back at me and said, ‘Well, what else were you going to do this weekend? Watch TV?’ I ended up having the time of my life. I scored a third-round, head kick knockout, and engaged in two different three-round wars.

“I expect this weekend to be just as spectacular.”

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