Kenton Soufal Prepared to Dominate


It has been eight months since we’ve last seen amateur fighter Kenton Soufal in the cage, but that hiatus ends this Saturday night. Soufal will be fighting for Pure FC promotions in Milwaukee, WI. He gave us a little update as to his recent fight life.

What is your record?

I am currently a 6-3 fighter.

How did your last fight go?

As you might know, I am actually coming off of a loss, which I feel I learned a lot from! I am more determined than ever. I’ll be going back down to 125 which is MY weight class.


How has training been this time around?

I’ve been incorporating a lot more kickboxing in to training.  I also have been learning to be way more relaxed and fluid when I fight. I am motivated. I am in shape and more ready than ever.

What are your future goals?

I am 21 and plan on going pro next year.

I have been learning to believe in myself a lot more. I am realizing all of my possibilities and potential as a fighter. I am coming to know that I can do anything I want or aspire to be.

I will be unstoppable.

The only thing stopping me is myself, and I just feel like I can overcome myself. I can beat my mind.

Please follow Soufal on both Twitter and on Facebook. Stay tuned as he continues to move foward in his MMA career!



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