Hlavacek vs Sepulveda Headlines Season Finale

Hlavacek vs Sepulveda Headlines Season Finale

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Sepulveda vs HlavacekBy Sandy Hackenmueller

Friday Night Fights has provided you with shin-splitting action all year, and our next event will be no exception. A jack-of-all-trades meets a heavy-handed competitor who loves the clinch. Which skill set will be the victor? There’s only one way to find out!

As 2015 wraps up with a season finale, FNF couldn’t be more excited to match two professional nak muays whom all NYC fight fans have come to support and know by name. Ariel Sepulveda, of Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, and Brett Hlavacek, of The Wat, will be headlining December 11th at the Broad Street Ballroom.

What are some obstacles you’ve faced to get you to where you are as a fighter today? What have you overcome?

AS: There are always obstacles for every goal you are trying to achieve, but there’s always a solution for any obstacle. It is everything combined — family, work, school, training, cutting weight, etc. You have to make time for everything, but so far, so good!

BH: The hardest part is balancing a normal life and being able to make enough money teaching Muay Thai to keep pursuing my love, which is Muay Thai.

Why are you the top fighter in this match-up? What makes you stand out?

AS: I’m just a fighter who is going to show up December 11 and put an awesome show for the fans, like I always do.

BH: I have superior Muay Thai skills. I believe I’m faster and I have a better ring IQ.

What are your strengths as a fighter?

AS: Power, clinch, knees, left hook, and uppercuts.

BH: I’m always relaxed, and I’m very durable. I’m well-rounded and am prepared for whatever kind of fight it will be.

What do you expect to see out of your opponent during this fight?

AS: I only expect a good battle from Brett!

BH: I believe he will try and pressure me and push the action.

What are your goals/plans for 2016?

AS: The plan is to get this win and start fighting welterweight after that!

BH: I plan to travel to England and Barbados to test myself internationally.

The Season Finale never disappoints. Be there for this amazing night as Friday Night Fights finishes 2015 in style!

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