Frank Schuman Debuts in Minnesota


Frank Schuman, veteran MMA fighter, is geared up for weigh-ins tonight as he prepares for his first King of the Cage fight in Minnesota.

Schuman has been prepared for this January 8th fight for some time. After a successful and humbling 2015, Schuman shares what the new year will look like for the “Nightmare.”

Tell me about your 2015. How many fights did you have?

I had five fights in 2015, starting in March. I also fought in April, May, July and October.

How did they go?

My fights from March to July went smoothly. They ended fast with 1st round wins via submission.

What was your biggest challenge?

Mentally, was I falling for my own BS. I started believing what I was saying — the hype and the rumors about my skill level. I lost my way of being humble. I lost my way of training like a professional athlete and I had gotten caught up with the hype. I was content with my skills and started assuming all fights would be easy.

What was your biggest accomplishment?

Losing my title fight. Yeah, it probably sounds weird — “Losing a title fight was an accomplishment?” It was a humbling moment for me and is the reason I’m giving it 100% everyday in the gym, and at home, with my diet and nutrition.

What was your most memorable moment?

My newest daughter, Riley Ann, being born.

What are your plans for 2016?

To reclaim what I let slip away. To fulfill my goal of taking over the welterweight division and make sure everyone who enters the cage with me knows and fears the idea of a rematch. Not only do I plan on breaking everyone physically, but mentally.

And it starts January 8th at Black Bear Casino and Resort.

The worst thing to face is a person who fights because they want to, and have nothing to prove. I am finally there. I was trying to live up to the hype. I finally lost. Now I fight for me. I continue everyday in the gym leaving it with no fear or regrets.

It’s fighting season and everyone’s out of time to prepare!

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