Brandon Jenkins Tackles Featherweight Division

Who and what:  Brandon Jenkins makes his long-awaited debut in the featherweight division, bringing his vicious finishing style with him!

When and where:  This Saturday at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. Fights start at 5pm.


Fight to Finish phenom Brandon Jenkins prepares fans for his upcoming fight, and tells us what to expect:

“I’ll be taking on the featherweight striking sensation Carson Frei of Portland, Oregon. This featherweight has been on a tear as of late, winning his last three fights. His most recent fight was by unanimous decision over 4-0 powerhouse Chad “Mad” Mertens back in August.

I feel like this fight has all the makings for Fight of the Year. Carson is a tough guy who doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. Rather, he gets up and keeps coming forward, trying to break his opponent mentally. That’s what I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fight ends and both of us are soaked in blood. I hope he doesn’t plan on going to another decision, though. I like to get off of work early — if you know what I mean.

It is going to be Frei’s beautiful, high-volume striking versus the utter chaos I create with my weird style. I’m going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him from a variety of angles.

He doesn’t bring the crushing, one-punch KO power a lot of my previous opponents did at 155 and 170. It is the pace that Carson sets when the fight starts that gives his opponents trouble. He out-works them and he doesn’t slow down.

I’m going to have to use my high fight IQ to win this fight. If something isn’t working, then I’ll switch to something else. When things start to look perilous, using my brain alongside my heart is how I stay in fights.

I’d like to thank my family at American Top Team/Savage  for getting me ready for this upcoming fight — Mitch White, Josh Kohler, Rob Quarry, Ron Shen, Matt Theiland and Robbie Gotreau. Not only the competition team, but also the monsters in the regular classes that you never hear of.

Oh, and if you need any tickets, I still have plenty! They start at 35 dollars.

After the fights, head over to Arizonas Bar and Grill for the killer afterparty!”



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