Jenkins Comes Out on Top

When the house lights dimmed and Fight to Finish fighter Brandon Jenkins stepped on the canvas, the crowd braced for a fight that was promised to be sensational.


Sensational it was. Three five-minute rounds of hard-hitting, swift-kicking action that left evidence of their arrival. Jenkins described his battle against notable fighter Alex Wiggs at Savage Entertainment’s recent event.

“My opponent came out strong,” said Jenkins. “I knew he was going to get his licks in early — but that I was going to bury him later. During the fight, Wiggs caused half of my face to swell shut. I kept chopping his lead leg down with leg kicks.

“After chopping his leg down, I knew that it would take the spring out of his punches and takedowns so he would become immobile. When it did, I went in and finished him against the cage with slashing elbows, cutting him up.

“Referee Joe Fipp had seen enough and stopped the fight while Wiggs was still on his feet. I was announced the winner in the 3rd round by TKO.”

Jenkins said he was fully prepared to handle the wrath he was certain Wiggs would dole out. “I knew Wiggs was really talented and was a physical specimen who hit very hard,” he said. “But I knew I could overcome that with hard work. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was going to keep coming until he broke, and he did.”

This was Jenkins’ seventh professional win and he has zero intention of slowing down.

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by Sandy Hackenmueller

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