Respect in the Sport of Punching


Fight to Finish

Just two weekends ago I was in Wisconsin shooting an MMA event for Stacey and Eric Anderson, two of the owners* of Iron Works Training Center. You can see by the type of fighters they produce alone, what kind of people they are — hard-working, supportive, and respectful of any one in the sport of MMA. I thoroughly enjoy and am honored to shoot one of their shows.

“Respect” isn’t often a word you hear associated with the sport of mixed martial arts. Outsiders view the industry as violent, brutal and demeaning. Insiders sometimes see the ugly side of the politics that follow any community. But most people who love the sport, know and facilitate the number one thing you need to have to be successful in it. Respect.

You need to have respect for your coach. Your teammates. Your family as they support you in a grueling training…

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