BPS Ready to Make Career Statement


MMA fighter Ben Pierre-Saint is not one to slow down. He is back to prove that even a setback can’t keep a good man down. Saturday night, Pierre-Saint will return to the King of the Cage playing field in his best effort yet to put another mark in the win column.

The last we saw BPS he was battling it out for a KOTC title belt against Wisconsin’s Jordan Griffin. Griffin earned the belt with a knock out kick and BPS walked away determined to not let his first defeat keep him down long. He has been preparing for his comeback and has been vocal about his determination.

“It’s almost time for me to climb the ladder again and earn myself another title shot,” he has announced. “This time around I’m going to win the KOTC World Championship belt and prove that I am one of the best in the world at MMA fighting. Man, I can’t wait!


“Call me obsessed or determined — either way, I don’t care. Mark my words, I will be the next King of the Cage champion. I’m not ever going to lose a title fight again!”

BPS will be the first to tell you that he believes hard work pays off. “I’m on top of it all day, everyday,” he said. “I’m so close to making it big and becoming a world champion in my MMA career.

“And when I do,” he said, “I still will remember what I did it all for. I did it all for my parents, my family, and myself. I remember when I first started fighting. I was at a point in my life where I was sick and tired of seeing everybody around me struggling. I decided to do something about it. Only God knows the struggle. With God, anything is possible.”


Saying he is antsy again to get back in the cage is an understatement. BPS is chomping at the bit. “Well folks, it’s almost that time again to test my skills and for me to see what I’m made of,” he said. “August 22nd will be a great night. I’ve decided that my next fight will be a statement. I won’t just play it safe and get the win.

“Nah, nah…that’s not enough. I’m going to do something amazing that night. I will show everyone in attendance and everyone around the world who tunes in on TV to watch me fight. I will show everyone who ever doubted me. I’ll show them all who Ben “The Haitian Sensation” Pierre-Saint is!

“You don’t have to believe in me,” he said. “I believe in myself. I’m the key to my success. Watch me prove everyone wrong one fight at a time!”

And that next time is Saturday night at Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, MN. Follow BPS and his professional career right on Facebook!


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