Hand Holding and Face Punching — MMA as a Prom Date

Prom season is upon us. Every generation appears to try to outdo the last in how elaborate prom can be…dresses, venues, even contests on the most creative prom invitation.

But this, hands-down, is the best prom date ever.


Lakeland Union High School (Minocqua, WI) student Jeremy Schuman took his girlfriend, Abby Shrom, to prom, and then made a side trip…to a King of the Cage MMA event. Midway through the event the notably elegantly-dressed couple walked through the packed crowd and attempted to discreetly take their seats in the front row.

When I first saw them, I was running around the cage and dodged them in the walkway. My initial thought was they had just come from a wedding, as I have seen many wedding parties go bar hopping after the ceremony. I just figured this was a new twist on that.

But as I got ready to shoot the next fight, I looked over and saw they came in alone, and they were teenagers. It dawned on me that this was a prom couple — I loved it! I decided to capture it. (I wanted to relive my own boring prom vicariously through it!) So I started snapping this adorable couple when I inadvertently caught this scene…




How freaking cute is that!? A) I don’t blame her B) She’s not even giving him the stink eye! C) He just smiled behind her hand.

It just reminded me, for the 100th time, that I see the best things at MMA events. A cute prom date couple, spending part of their night at cage fights, both good-natured kids who really seem to get along like young couples should.

I asked Abby whose idea it was to attend the event, and she pointed at Jeremy. I whispered to him, “You are the best prom date EVER!” and asked if I could photograph them and send them the pictures.

Jeremy and Abby were at the event to see Jeremy’s cousin, Frank Schuman, fight in the headline bout for his pro debut. They were rewarded with a swift armbar victory for Frank.


I don’t know if Abby wanted to be there or not, because if she didn’t, you would not have known it. There she was with a sweet smile, supporting her date as he supported his cousin, in the most unlikely situation, ever. That’s a class act!

And in my opinion, brave! They walked in together, dressed to the nines, pretending not to notice the several hundreds of pairs of eyes on them. I don’t know a lot of teenagers who would have that confidence! They didn’t come to the fights for attention, they came to support family. And they came there however they had to!

I’m glad I took the moment to meet them. I wonder if those two know how obvious it is in such a short amount of time, to see that they are amazing young adults. Abby and Jeremy, I hope you had the best prom ever!

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5 thoughts on “Hand Holding and Face Punching — MMA as a Prom Date

    • I know, isn’t that funny! Some adult women at these shows can be seen glaring at her man, daring him to look, and here is this young lady and she just laughs while doing it. It almost looks like I set up the shot but I didn’t, which makes the pic even cuter!

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