Clayton McGhee Secures Another Win

Long overdue is this announcement, but never too late to sing the praises of a hard-working fighter…


On October 17th, at Lake of the Torches Casino Resort, amateur MMA fighter Clayton McGhee faced opponent Raven Welch of Wisconsin, and won via submission (omaplata) at 2:17 of round 2. McGhee took some time to answer a few questions regarding his night in the cage.


How were you feeling right before your fight that night?

Before the fight I was extremely calm. I was watching Netflix, then laid down and took a little nap.

Tell us about your fight. How did it go?

The fight didn’t go exactly as I planned, but plans do change. I was planning on keeping the fight on our feet, but after the first take down, I realized that’s where it was going to end.

At what point in the fight did you know you were going to come out on top?

I already had the mindset that I was going to win before the fight even started. I listened to a speech in the back room on my phone, and it got me in the right state of mind. After the fight, I was extremely happy and excited that I won. But I was surprised at how I ended it — a rare omoplata!


Who would you like to thank?

I’d like thank my sponsor, Fight To Finish, and the amazing photographer Sandy Hackenmueller. I would also like to thank my coach, Ken Sitsler, and training partners Kenton Soufal, Devon Gress, and Matthew Shrecengost. Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for coming to watch. I had fun being a main event!

Please follow McGhee on his Facebook page and also on Twitter at @cmcghee5445!


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